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What People Say about us

We value our customers and work hard to ensure your satisfaction with each job we do! You can count on us for your flooring and countertop needs. 

Kimble Kubiak
NO INTEGRITY AT All !!! The owner (Jason Stone) drove to my business location and looked at my box truck. Said his truck was too big and would be using this one in his Stone works business. Said he would buy it. He asked if I would ride with him to Peter's chevy where we dropped my box truck off until he could close a deal with them on his larger truck. He took me back to my business and I was supposed to get funded later that day. Days later after he would not take my calls or text I finally called his friend and the friend told me that he could not make his deal work. Fine, so text me, call me, email me sometime, but he ghosted me and would not communicate while my truck was sitting at the dealership. I finally went and picked it up. Unreal! Hope he does not treat his employees / or customers like this !!! I would not recommend Stone Works !
James “Bubba” Marrable
Great place, great selection, great staff! Very helpful and knowledgeable about the products and process. Highly recommend for everyone!
Jonathan Hooker
Can't ever get anyone one the phone. You will have to go in person if you need anything.
Sam Y
High price and bad quality, they sold me vinyl flooring that they said was an stock item, went back to get some more and they said it’s discontinued and they can’t get any more, so we ended up doing half of the house with a different color vinyl, never shop there again
Maria Mills
Been buying tile from them for years. Sad Joe passed away recently. He was a good guy!
Amy Grosz
I stopped in to get on the schedule for a estimate for counter tops. The lady at the front desk was very helpful, took my information and said someone would give me a call to set up an appointment. After a couple of weeks I called and asked how long it usually takes to get an appointment for an estimate, she explained that they were very busy and I should hear from someone soon. The next week I received a call and set it up. After the estimate was complete I decided to move forward with the project and he said he'd let me know when they would be over to do the final measurements. One day they just showed up, no call, thank goodness I was here. I had put the deposit down, and as another few weeks we by I called to see where they were in the process. The counters had been ordered, but wouldn't be in for awhile. When they finally came in, at this point we are about 6 weeks in, they scheduled a day to install. They tore out the old counter tops, and then realized the sink they had measure for didn't fit. The installers didn't seem to know what to do, so I called and was told that they didn't have a sink to fit on hand. So...what now? Well after an entire day of me calling and texting (to which nothing was answered) I was left with no kitchen. I finally used my husband's phone to call, that they answered, to find out my project manager was nowhere to be found and no on else could help me. Another day goes by and I still have not heard from anyone there. I called and text multiple times trying to get them to figure this out, but was passed around from person to person with no solution. They finally found a sink to fit (it was $50 more than they quoted me and tried to get me to pay the extra). When it was finally done I had to get a plumber here on a Saturday to hook everything back up. I gave them 2 stars because I believe there were people there trying to help, and just didn't have any answers as my project manager refused to do his job. Even with that said, they need to figure out how to communicate and I thought it was very unprofessional to ignore me for an entire day.