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Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring, Longview, TX

The rising star of flooring in Longview, TX is the lovely luxury vinyl plank. Luxury Vinyl plank flooring continues to rise in popularity because it is not only durable and easy to maintain, but it comes in a wide variety of styles and colors which makes it the perfect choice for nearly any home. 

What is Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Getting to know luxury vinyl plank flooring is easy. Known as LVP for short, it is a type of vinyl flooring that has the look of hardwood flooring. Luxury vinyl is made of multiple layers. These layers include a wear layer, a printed design layer and a waterproof core. The wear layer protects the design layer, keeping the look of beautiful wood or even natural stone. Luxury vinyl flooring looks great in any home, and is a great option in busy high traffic areas like living rooms, kitchens and even bathrooms. 

What are the Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Plank?

Best Flooring Durability Brands


LVP is great because it is durable, resistant to scratches and stains. It is a great flooring option to have in high traffic areas like Kitchens and entryways.

Easy Maintenance

Luxury Vinyl is easy to clean. Simply sweep or vacuum regularly and mop with a damp mop as needed. Minimal maintenance makes LVP a breeze!


Since LVP is not truly a wood floor, it is a more affordable option but still provides the beautiful look of hardwood in your home.

Variety of Styles

Luxury vinyl flooring comes in a variety of styles, colors and will look amazing in any Longview, TX home!


Luxury vinyl plank is a great option for areas that are prone to moisture. Kitchens and bathrooms are great locations for your LVP flooring!

Easy Installation Laminate Flooring


Installation is easy with luxury vinyl. You can find options for glue down and click-lock which install seamlessly in the home.

Why Choose Luxury Vinyl PLank in Longview, TX?

Choosing luxury vinyl flooring is a no-brainer. It’s a great choice for almost every home and will fit easily into your home’s design. When you are thinking about luxury vinyl you will want to keep a few things in mind. If you have a high traffic area look for luxury vinyl that has a thicker wear layer, this will allow for better wear and tear overall on your floors. The other important thing to think about is the style and color. You can get several types of wood grains and colors that are anywhere from traditional to a more modern.

Why Choose Stone Works for Flooring & Countertops?

If you’re looking for a dependable flooring store with a variety of options, look no further than Stone Works in Longview, TX. Not only do we have a great selection of luxury vinyl planks, but we also have a variety of other flooring options to choose from like Hardwood, Tile, and Carpet. We have a great team here who can help guide you through the selection process and get you set up with the perfect floor for your home. 

You won’t be sorry if you choose luxury vinyl flooring. It is stylish and durable and an up and comer in flooring here in the Longview, TX area. Here at Stone Works we pride ourselves on quality products and outstanding service to our community. Stop by today!